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We have recruited various experts of semiconductor industry background, offering AI solutions for deci- sion-making which bring manufactur- ing industry to a new era.

Pain Point A real case

336 hrs

A team of engineers had worked continuously overtime for 336 hours, yet still failed to identify abnormalities, which resulted in a significant loss as high as one hundred million dollars.

15 mins

By employing AIBDT solutions, the root cause of the abnormalities was quickly identified within just 15 minutes.

Imagine how problems are quickly solved after introducing AIBDT to the fab.


Before the morning meeting each day, you are sipping your coffee, type the abnormality ID of your product item in the AIBDT system on your computer.


Select analysis mode. AIBDT power computing system can carry out analysis to locate the potential problems that cause the abnormality in seconds.


Whether the abnormality locates in the equipment, recipe or one of the thousands of processes, AIBDT will clearly point out the problem, which will be presented in visual forms of graphs and reports.Let data talk.


This enables you to present comprehensive solutions during those morning meetings, and give out commands that target to the core of the problem. Your health should not be compromised in exchange of productivity.

AIBDT solution


Manufacturing Equipment

Increase the visibility of equipment’s impact

Manufacturing Process

Reveal hidden relationship to improve manufacturing process

Process Window

Enlarge product’s tolerance, release it’s boundary

Event Analysis

No surprise on events with quality control


Reveal the uniformity problem from inquiry into an infinity of details

Regional Analysis

From center to edge, topology analysis

Operation Analysis

Process or queue time impact

Integration Analysis

Process & Equipment Integration




Root Cause :

Potential Issues :
Discovery & Early Warning

Risk :



Full Scope

Intelligent Analysis


Intelligent Bigdata Analysis System

Intelligent Bigdata Analysis System

Intelligent solutions for bigdata analysis

Bigdata system for manufacturing field

High Performance Service

High Performance Operation

Intelligent algorithm development

High performance computing in bigdata

Training Course Consultant Service

Training Course Consultant Service

Bigdata analysis team up

Bigdata analysis training course

Consultant service for intelligent total solutions

About Us

AIBDT has over 23 years of experience in semiconductor manufacturing fabs, ranging from process, yield improvement, productivity, product design, AI, Bigdata, IT, and related key fields.
We have 15-year practical experience in developing AI data analysis which identifies abnormalities of the process, helping fabs to achieve values over 10 billion dollars.

Manufacturing Foundry Fabs

Manufacturing Foundry Fabs

10+ Technology Nodes & 1000+ Products

Yield Enhancement Domain Knowledge

AI & ML & DL Expertise

Engineering Data Analysis

Systematic Engineering Application

Big Data solutions

Core Central Team for Problem Solving

AI Decision making power

AI + Bigdata

AIBDT’s core capability leads semiconductor manufacturers to a new era of AI decision-making.

Create Values

Yield Rate Up

AIBDT performs the momentum of continuous yield enhancement

Intelligent manufacture

ROOT Causes

abnormalities of the manufacturing process. Real-time identification of root causes.